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JavaRealm Software

JavaRealm Software is an offshore software development team specializing in development of Web-based Enterprise Applications.

Our scope of activity includes custom software outsourcing, software development and custom programming. We welcome any person or company that is interested in long-term cooperation with us.


Our location in Kiev, known as educational, scientific and technological center of Ukraine, gives us unique access to the rich pool of highly educated and experienced developers. This advantage, coupled with the low-cost environment for operating overhead and salaries, allow us to deliver the highest quality software at a reasonable prices. Click here for a detailed list of our skills.


Quality is one of our main objectives. We have created a set of policies based on the integration of quality assurance controls throughout the entire development process, so that we can be sure that our services meet the highest quality standards.

Monitoring and Control of the Development Progress

We pay close attention to communications with our customers during development process. Our developers submit development reports, current source code and application demos on a regular basis. You can get FTP or CVS access to all development files to see and control the development process at any time you like. Also we make a working schedule so that you may see an application framework and demos at the early stage of the development. This lets you make early corrections to the design, shorten the number of design-development iterations for large and complex projects and considerably save your funds as the result. We welcome any suggestions on improving this monitoing process to make you feel confident.


Our prices depend on work difficulty, urgency, tools and technologies used. As a result of our research work we have developed several standard solutions allowing significantly improve quality of our products and reduce development time and costs. So you can expect modest prices and timeframes for development of your projects. We use per-hour and per-project pricing patterns.

Per-Project Pricing

This way is preferable when we develop a whole project or large parts of a project. Usually we receive project requirements or a prototype of a system that should be developed. After that we provide our estimates that include timeframes and costs, sometimes we also provide description of possible technical/programming solutions for particular tasks of the project that gives better imagination of estimated efforts. After that we negotiate project and payment schedules. Project schedule defines milestones (intermediate releases, builds with indicated functionality and date of completion) that allows customer to control over the project and see its progress. Payment schedule (terms of payments) is individual in any particular case and depends on type and size of a project. We charge for system architecture design (DB/Object model), programming and testing.

Per-Hour Pricing

In case when a customer wants to involve our specialists/programmers into the development of long-term project on continuing basis or he/she supposes to give us small tasks which are parts of a project that is being developed we can provide required professional resources for negotiated hourly rate. Required reporting will be provided. We can start with fixed-price small tasks to allow you to evaluate given resources before moving to hourly rates.

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